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JoNelle  Opitz
JoNelle Opitz Business Manager Phone: 509.344.1287
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About JoNelle

Business Manager JoNelle Opitz handles billing, human resources, budgeting, and day-to-day operations at the Journal of Business. A WSU Cougar alum and fan who enjoys Palouse farm-town living, JoNelle has worked at the Journal since 1996.

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Paul  Read
Paul Read Publisher Phone: 509.344.1262
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About Paul

Publisher Paul Read has been with the Journal since its start in early 1986, having spent 25 years as an editor in the newsroom before moving to the administrative end of the business. A lover of wine, woodworking, and the outdoors, Paul is a proud Spokane native.

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Kathy  Minor
Kathy Minor Circulation Manager Phone: 509.344.1280
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About Kathy

Circulation Manager Kathy Minor has worked for the Journal of Business since 1998. A Washington State University alum, Kathy loves road trips, mountains, wine tasting, and vacations spent riding the trails on her bike.

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Kim  Crompton
Kim Crompton Editor Phone: 509.344.1263
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About Kim

Editor Kim Crompton has worked for the Journal of Business since 1989. A motorcycling and wine enthusiast who also hits the links regularly, Kim grew up in a family that owned and operated community newspapers in southern Idaho.

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Kendall Heintzelman Intern
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About Kendall

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Mike  McLean
Mike McLean Reporter Phone: 509.344.1266
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About Mike

Reporter Mike McLean covers real estate and construction at the Journal of Business. A multipurpose fisherman and vintage record album aficionado, Mike has worked for the Journal since 2006.

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Brooke  Nicholson
Brooke Nicholson Research Coordinator Phone: 509.344.1260
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About Brooke

Research coordinator Brooke Nicholson collects and compiles the information for the lists, calendar, licenses, and people section. A fan of thrift stores and pugs, Brooke previously worked at Inland Northwest Land Trust. 

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Linn  Parish
Linn Parish Deputy Editor Phone: 509.344.1265
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About Linn

Deputy Editor Linn Parish has worked for the Journal of Business for a total of 10 years, dating back to 1998. A self-described sports nerd, Linn has worked as a professional writer/editor for nearly 20 years.

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Katie  Ross
Katie Ross Reporter Phone: 509.344.1264
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About Katie

Reporter Katie Ross covers manufacturing, hospitality, and government at the Journal of Business. An outdoor enthusiast and snowboard fanatic, Katie is a recent graduate of Gonzaga University.  

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Judith   Spitzer
Judith Spitzer Reporter Phone: 509.344.1267
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About Judith

Reporter Judith Spitzer covers technology, mining, agriculture, and wood products for the Journal. A vintage-obsessed antique collector in her off hours, Judith worked as a journalist in Colorado and Oregon before joining the Journal.

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Virginia  Thomas
Virginia Thomas Intern Phone: 509-344-1261
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About Virginia

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Marc  Edwards
Marc Edwards Production Manager Phone: 509.344.1282
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About Marc

Production Manager Marc Edwards duties at the Journal of Business include scheduling, website, graphic design, and prepress.

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Annie  Silvers
Annie Silvers Lead Graphic Designer Phone: 509.344.1284
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About Annie

Lead Graphic Designer at Journal of Business, Annie is a graduate of Washington State University. A dedicated bowler with a love for dogs and the outdoors. Annie has worked at the Journal since 2011.

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Scott  Stucker
Scott Stucker Graphic Designer Phone: 509.344.1283
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About Scott

Graphic Designer Scott Stucker started working for the Journal of Business in 2012. He is a graduate of the Seattle Central Creative Academy, an inspiring beardsman, who enjoys snowboarding and experiencing local music.

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Dana  Cunningham
Dana Cunningham Account Executive Phone: 509.344.1272
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About Dana

Account Executive Dana Cunningham serves advertising accounts and handles building spreads at the Journal of Business. A sailor and a proud Rotarian, Dana has worked at the Journal since 2011.  

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Carol  Haskell
Carol Haskell Account Executive Phone: 509.344.1275
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About Carol

Account Executive Carol Haskell has worked at the Journal of Business since 1992 and worked in advertising sales for more than 25 years. A wine enthusiast with a special affection for exquisite red wines, Carol also enjoys a second home on Priest River.

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Brad  Murray
Brad Murray Account Executive Phone: 509.344.1277
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About Brad

Account Executive Brad Murray has worked at the Journal of Business for a total of 20 years, dating back to 1986.  He and his wife of 23 years started as an office romance at the Journal, and they have raised two children together.

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Paul  Smith
Paul Smith Account Executive Phone: (509) 344-1273
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About Paul

Paul returned to the publishing industry with the Journal, having spent more than 25 years in newsrooms before embarking on a career in sales and marketing. A competitive cyclist, he loves to cook and relishes a strong Belgian ale when he's not putting in road miles or hiking in the greater Northwest.

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Kelley  Wilcox
Kelley Wilcox Account Executive Phone: 509.344.1276
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About Kelley

Account Executive Kelley Wilcox has worked at the Journal of Business since 2006 and been involved in the radio and print businesses for 17 years.

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Dick  Zarowny
Dick Zarowny Account Executive Phone: 509.344.1278
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About Dick

Senior Account Executive/Sales Coach Dick Zarowny has worked at the Journal of Business since 1987 and in advertising sales for nearly 40 years. A Montana native, Dick has a love of road biking, skiing, and a number of other outdoor sports.  

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Jennifer  Zurlini
Jennifer Zurlini Classified Advertising Phone: 509.344.1279
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About Jennifer

Classified Advertising Representative Jennifer Zurlini has worked in advertising and at newspapers including the Santa Barbara News-Press and The Spokesman-Review for 15 years.  An acrylic painter, Jennifer has been with the Journal since March 2013.

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