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Trucking company keeps pace with niche customers

Amidst ongoing challenges of increased regulations and struggles to find qualified drivers, Produce Supply Express Inc. looks to maintain a consistent revenue stream while serving its niche customer base. Company Vice President Lom Hutchins says that fo...


Empire Technical Development finds fresh focus on bugs

Peter Bean had no idea when he co-founded Empire Technical Development LLC three years ago that heâ€...


Finding time for breast-feeding in the workplace

For many Spokane-area mothers, returning to work also means finding both the time and privacy to be ...


Bioidentical hormone therapy benefits touted

A practitioner and a pharmacist working in the same building in the Spokane medical district claim t...


Apex Therapy grows in its incontinence treatment

Here’s how Amy Sanderson, a certified pelvic-floor practitioner for Apex Physical Therapy, describ...

Addressing ethical conflicts directly in the workplace

Walk the hallways of any organization, and you will hear stories about inner struggles employees face when trying to determine how to react to inappropriate behavior in the workplace. With everything from small slights to major ethical missteps, it can be...


Looking inward at Numerica Credit Union

With a current total of 115,000 members and $1.5 billion in assets, Spokane-based Numerica Credit Union continues to grow. And according to human resources external recruiter Jennifer Little, a key part of Numerica’s success comes from its focus on bu...


Strengthening collaboration on the rural outskirts

Ryan Moore, president of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, says he sees many similarities between his current home and his hometown of Belleville, Ill. Belleville—18 miles southeast of St. Louis—was once an isolated town with little around it. But o...

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