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Getting financial advice for your parents

There are many talks that your parents get to have with you, and I’m sure that in this day and age, many parents have Googled “when is the right time to talk to your kids about … .” In reality, I get many adult children who come to me saying they...

The Journal's View: No need to hold applause for massive Amazon win anymore

Amazon.com Inc. has announced what we already knew—or at a minimum, strongly suspected. Yes, it’s building a 2.6 million-square-foot warehouse on the West Plains that’s expected to employ more than 1,500 people. Construction crews are moving massive...

Guest commentary: GE needs to be competitive after tumble off Dow Jones

Last month, General Electric lost its place among our nation’s top 30 performing corporations. It was the last member of the original companies which composed the Dow Jones Industrial Average. GE, once the world’s most valuable company, was replaced ...



It's Amazon. Seattle-based Amazon.com Inc. today delivered confirmation of earlier reports first published by the Journal that the online mega-retailer plans to construct a massive distribution facility that will employ more than 1,500 people on the We...


Wolff, Katerra combo to be prolific

In his dual role, Spokane’s Fritz Wolff could become a significant factor in addressing the Spokane area’s housing shortage. Wolff is the son of Alvin J. “Fritz” Wolff Jr. and a third-generation leader in the family’s business. He serves as exe...


Executive pay surges in the Inland Northwest

Total compensation for executives at Inland Northwest-headquartered publicly traded companies surged last year, but it wouldn’t have if not for a fortunate—and long-awaited—turn in Gold Reserve Inc.’s unusual odyssey. According to the annual ...


Strained brew

Trouble might be bubbling in the brewing industry, on both local and national scales. Since May, prices for aluminum cans have risen 20 percent for No-Li Brewhouse LLC, and the time between ordering and receiving aluminum cans from suppliers have roughly...


Realtor ranks rise in the Inland Northwest

The number of residential real estate agents in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene markets is rising. Some industry professionals say the Spokane housing market remains healthy but saturated with agents, and others say the Coeur d’Alene market is downright...


Britz Designs: Tools for lakeside living

Liberty Lake-based Britz Designs LLC designs products geared toward making lakeside living easier for homeowners, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This season marks the company’s second summer of operations, and its owners say sales are climbing along ...

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