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Visions 2023: Digital trends fuel evolution in financial services

November 2022 marked an important milestone in Washington Trust Bank’s history: its 120th anniversary. In many ways, banking in 1902 looked nothing like it does today—no debit or credit cards and no online or mobile access, for starters. ...


Visions 2023: Civil discourse rejects fear, embraces tough love

We’ve all heard the story about the frog in a pot of water. Drop a frog in boiling water, and it will jump out. Drop a frog in tepid water that slowly boils, and it won’t realize the danger until it’s too late. When it comes to civil discourse in ...


Visions 2023: Remote, hybrid jobs could be boon to Spokane

The Spokane region is well poised for a dramatic increase in the number of new startups and emerging companies over the next five to 10 years. My view is supported by the several work/life attributes the region offers, the shift to remote or hybrid work...


Visions 2023: INW’s clean energy future will take reimagination

The recent pandemic reminded us just how critical energy is to the lives and livelihoods of so many. Through these uncertain times, we, at Avista, have kept people warm and safe, and we’ve kept our economy rolling during a period when businesses have be...


Visions 2023: ‘Vibe shift’ to benefit downtown in the near future

Like many urban centers across the globe, downtown Spokane was gaining momentum at an unprecedented pace in early 2020. Office vacancies reached record lows. Employers were expanding. New housing projects were under construction, and unparalleled civic ...


Visions 2023: Societal shift to challenge higher education sector

Earlier this fall, I was invited to moderate a panel at the Journal of Business’s Workforce Summit exploring long-term solutions to current workforce issues. My final question to the group, which included Gonzaga President Dr. Thayne McCulloh...


Visions 2023: Multifaceted approach to guide economic development

A vibrant community requires a vibrant economy. Economic development gives the community a say in how the economy grows. What does the future of economic development hold for the Spokane region? We don’t have a crystal ball, but what we can do is ...


The Top 20 Spokane Business Stories of 2022

In the Inland Northwest, business news involved more highlights than lowlights in 2022, despite challenges nationally and globally. ...


The Journal’s Most Read Stories of 2022

Three of the top 10 Most Read Stories of 2022 involve news about new restaurants, and a fourth involves a new entertainment venue that’s expected to open next year. ...

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Cowles subsidiary agrees to acquire Tri-Cities Journal, Senior Times

Mid-Columbia Media Inc., a subsidiary of Cowles Co., has agreed to acquire the assets of Tri Comp Inc., which publishes the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business and the Senior Times newspapers. ...

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