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Guest Commentary: US attempts to break China’s hammerlock on rare metals

To the average American, China’s control of the world production, processing technology, and stockpile of critical metals is not their concern. However, to our military and high-tech leaders, it is a very big deal....

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Massive Amazon-like project pursued in Spokane Valley

The city of Spokane Valley today approved a permit for initial grading work for a 1.3 million-square-foot building. The company behind the development, characterized as Project Fireball, isn't listed in public documents, but the project has some of the...


Friction over frontage road stalls $30 million project

A dispute between the cities of Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake has brought planning of the proposed $30 million Western States Equipment Co. project to a standstill. ...


Developer sees future in hybrid housing model

A Spokane developer plans to create a mixture of short- and long-term rental units in a building close to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, on Spokane’s South Hill. ...


A surgical approach to medical school design

A behind-the-scenes look at the mechanical and engineering systems of the planned new medical school in Spokane shows the nerve center of the building promises to be as intricate as the human physiology that will be studied within its walls. ...


Reimagining of Division Street begins

Spokane-area transportation professionals are collaborating to re-envision what Division Street could be once the North Spokane Corridor opens. It’s a vision that includes bicycles that were once banned from areas of the street safely zipping down ...


INW employers try to keep workers fresh in pandemic era

Alliance Data Systems Corp., of Coeur d’ Alene, has created virtual contests and games to keep their employees engaged. In Liberty Lake, Insight Enterprises Inc. has provided financial assistance through its foundation for employees whose spouses...


Contract Design Associates to exceed projections

Though a good majority of customers for the office furniture supply company Contract Design Associates are uncertain about the status of future workplaces, what is for sure is that many are still buying from the retailer....


$4.6 million extension to reshape Airport Drive

Construction crews recently started work on a new road project at Spokane International Airport that is designed to improve incoming traffic to the airport’s terminal complex....


Q&A with Kitty Cantina owner Justyn Cozza

What’s a cat cafe without cats? Justyn and Tori Cozza, owners of Kitty Cantina LLC, a cat cafe at 6704 N. Nevada, on Spokane’s North Side, found out last month when an outbreak of feline panleukopenia at partner organization SpokAnimal forced them t...

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