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The Journal’s View: Politics should be put aside to address homelessness

A regional approach to addressing homelessness remains the best path forward for helping the Spokane area’s most vulnerable people. Elected leaders must put political ideologies and partisan influences aside to find ways to work together to make the...

Guest Commentary: Surging gas prices show need to revisit climate law

The state held another carbon credit auction last week, and like the previous auctions, it showed the cost of the Climate Commitment Act continues to skyrocket. A program that lawmakers originally thought would raise $2 billion in its first two years ...


2023 Rising Star Tony Reed: Blending culinary skills, innovative thinking

Tony Reed is the longest-standing employee at Spokane-based Spiceology Inc., the fast-growing spice and rub manufacturer. The 34-year-old executive director of culinary innovation uses his formal chef training to help develop new spice blends...


2023 Rising Star Nichole Mischke: Giving a voice to authenticity

Nichole Mischke, 35, created the online media platform Uncovered to give people who are hiding debilitating secrets an opportunity to share their stories and eventually heal from the accompanied feelings of isolation and shame. “It takes being vulner...


2023 Rising Star Ryan Arnold: Startup mindset leads to global focus

Ryan Arnold has channeled his passion, breadth of knowledge, and interpersonal skillset to make a positive impact on not only the Inland Northwest, but the entire world, some of his peers say. Arnold, 39, is the Coeur d’Alene-based vice president of ...


2023 Rising Star Nico Archer: Connecting with clients, community

Nico Archer is the newest partner-owner at Spokane-based DH, and he’s making a difference at the agency and throughout the community, says his colleague and a vice president at the agency, Tyler Tullis. During his eight years with the 27-year-old ...


2023 Rising Star Stephaine Courtney: Sparking change for new moms

Activist. Innovator. Leader. Stephaine Courtney is described by her Rising Star nominator as driven to connecting people and sparking change for the underrepresented in the greater Spokane community. As executive director and founder of The ...


2023 Rising Star Oladunni Oluwoye: Researcher follows passion

Oladunni Oluwoye, a researcher and assistant professor at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine at Washington State University, is working in a field that she hopes will cease to exist. “I have a job because these disparities exist,” she says...


2023 Rising Star Brandon Rose: Pulling double duty pays dividends

Having one person manage two branches of Washington Trust Bank isn’t a normal operating procedure for the company, but 32-year-old branch manager Brandon Rose was not slow to volunteer his skills and fulfill both roles when he saw a need in the company....


2023 Rising Star Jessica Garza: Making place for rural businesswomen

Jessica Garza says her decade of experience as a police officer continuously informs the way she operates her agrotourism business, Moose Valley Ranch Inc. “It’s the lens through which I view my community and the kind of legacy I want to leave,” ...

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