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Guest Commentary: Fairchild commander thankful for community’s strong backing

It’s been over two months since I assumed command of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing at Fairchild Air Force Base. In this short amount of time, my wife Trina, our boys, and I have been blown away at how amazing it is here in the Inland Northwest. ...


Demand Unleashed: Spokane veterinarians report jump in business

While the Inland Northwest health care industry is reporting millions in losses since the coronavirus outbreak, care providers who serve mankind’s four-legged friends are struggling to keep up with demand. ...


Pet boom benefits Paw Print Genetics

Paw Print Genetics owner Lisa Shaffer is on the path to building another big company, something she wasn’t sure she wanted to do. Genetic Veterinary Sciences Inc., which does business as Paw Print Genetics, currently has 40 employees and is adding...


Contact tracing becomes more prevalent occupation in Spokane

The number of contact tracers has risen in Spokane County along with the spread of COVID-19. Susan Sjoberg, program manager for disease prevention and response at Spokane Regional Health District, says that before coronavirus struck, SRHD had five...


Q&A with Spokane Regional Health District’s Dr. Bob Lutz

Dr. Bob Lutz was thrust into the spotlight shortly after COVID-19 reared its ugly head. The Spokane Regional Health District’s health officer quickly became the face of the district’s response to the pandemic and has led the organization’s ...


2020 Rising Stars: attorney Natasha Hill

Natasha Hill, sole practitioner of Natasha L. Hill PS, says she has a passion for helping families and enjoys litigation. “I’ve done well with people at their worst,” says Hill, 38. ...


2020 Rising Stars: The Great PNW’s Joel Barbour

Joel Barbour, owner and creative director of The Great PNW Inc., spent his youth in Spokane skateboarding, riding dirt bikes, and surrounded by art. Combining those interests with his love for the Pacific Northwest led Barbour to create...


2020 Rising Stars: Downtown Spokane Partnership’s Elisabeth Hooker

Elisabeth Hooker, marketing director for the Downtown Spokane Partnership and 39-year-old Rising Star, says she feels blessed to show up at work every day, doing what she loves in her hometown. “I’m happy to be part of something larger...


2020 Rising Stars: West Plains Chamber of Commerce’s Toby Broemmeling

“You always want to have that leader that you rally to in the center of a whirlwind,” says Brian Newberry of 38-year-old Toby Broemmeling, the executive director of the West Plains Chamber of Commerce....


2020 Rising Stars: Multifab’s Rochelle Marsh

Rochelle Marsh’s most vivid childhood memories of going into Multifab Inc., the company her father Tim Smith founded in the 1980s, involve hanging out at her favorite pop machine and riding forklifts around the warehouse. ...

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