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Arevo Health rolls out screening, tracking app for employers

Tool used to follow results of coronavirus monitoring

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Arevo Health LLC, a Spokane developer of cloud-based health care analytics software, has launched a mobile and web application meant to help employers monitor COVID-19 symptoms in employees, track employees’ self-disclosed test results, and report on employee compliance.

Brandon Fix, CEO at Arevo Health, says the ArevoHealth Plus application is built into Arevo’s claims analytics platform and can be deployed with the analytics or as a stand-alone application.

Fix says some Arevo Health clients told him that they were manually documenting employee COVID-19 screenings, which typically include a temperature check and health questionnaire before entering a facility.

“The most sophisticated were taking (screening data) via Excel spreadsheet … and tracking it that way,” Fix says.

Fix says Arevo Health, which was founded here in 2013, saw an opportunity to use a tool it already had been developing for other uses.

“The tool that we were originally going to roll out was more related to claims data,” he says. “The tool that we ended up rolling out is more related to getting employees back to work, letting the companies be able to track things like their daily temperature screenings, doing compliance monitoring and reporting, and being able to do contact tracing within the company.”

Due to privacy protections required in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, employers can require a temperature check, but can’t ask questions about test results. Fix says that the ArevoHealth Plus application can help employers by enabling employees to self-report test results and other optional information.

“The system can ask those questions, and if the employees want to provide that data, then the company can utilize that data to help them manage against potential future outbreaks,” Fix says.

The answers to those questions are provided to employers blindly, meaning an employer can see how many employees have been tested for the virus, but can’t see which employees have been tested. When an immunization is available, employers similarly will be able to track immunization levels within their organizations.

“If something does happen, they can log into the system and dig in and analyze the data very easily through a user interface that’s easy to read, versus digging through reams of paper and putting the company at risk for HIPAA violations,” Fix says.

He adds, “If a larger organization were to use our tool, whether it be a city or a county or a group that had multiple businesses, they can sponsor the tool and actually see the data across all the businesses, if they needed to.”

As of August 25, six companies had adopted the ArevoHealth Plus application. Fix says the application has the capacity to serve thousands of companies. 

An employee can complete the pre-entry screening with the help of an administrator or other designated screener, or self-screen by using a mobile app.

“Each company can have its own set of questions that they ask, and then we also have a baseline of normal questions that are being asked, which includes the temperature check,” Fix says. “The tool is pretty adaptive.”

On its own, Fix says ArevoHealth Plus costs between $1 and $2 per employee monthly.

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