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Condron Homes starts 'Made in America' push

Builder: Most imported materials can be sourced from U.S. manufacturers

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Prominent Spokane homebuilder Condron Homes LLC is constructing a home with all American-made materials and plans to expand the concept to all of the homes the company builds in the future, says Corey Condron, the company's owner.

Home construction was to have started this week at 1023 W. Tapestry in the big Eagle Ridge development in southwest Spokane to launch the company's "Made in America" campaign. The 2,100-square-foot home will be listed at $243,000, Condron says, and the Made in America concept will increase the cost to build a home by 1.5 percent.

"Through our research and preparation, we've found most materials that go into a home are made in America," Condron says. Some of the most common imported materials are lumber and rebar, both of which can easily be sourced from U.S. manufacturers that support local and national economies, he says.

Condron says an ABC World News series "Made in America," which featured a Montana homebuilder in one of its installments, inspired him to adopt the concept at Condron Homes.

"We're making adjustments with our subcontractors and suppliers," he says. "We're taking the concept to the smallest details that we can."

Subcontractors are even replacing imported screws and clips on windows and cabinets with American-made products, Condron says.

"This concept has gained a lot of traction in a short amount of time," he says. "Once we do this with one house, it's going to make it easier to do it with all the rest of the houses. We're making the commitment to include all of our homes in the 'Made in America' challenge from here on out."

Condron says he hopes the challenge will encourage other Inland Northwest builders to join in the "Made in America" concept.

The company also hopes to carry the concept to the next level, eventually challenging subcontractors to use only American-made tools, he says.

While Condron Homes doesn't have a buyer yet for the company's first Made in America home, Condron says the year is starting out well for the company, which sold five homes in January. "It was a fantastic month, and it's pretty encouraging for the year," he says.

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