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Glucose Revival reloads after successful launch

Necklaces for diabetics sold out in a month after hitting market

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Selling out of your product barely a month in to launch signals you may be on to something.

Kris Maynard, the founder of Spokane startup Glucose Revival, says the company is again selling its glucose gel alert necklaces for people with diabetes on its website at glucoserevival.com after running out of product following its formal launch.

“We launched June 10 and ran out in July,” Maynard says. “We’ve restocked and should be good with inventory for a while.”

Glucose Revival’s Thrive necklace for adults contains 15 grams of glucose and is a little more than 20 inches long.

A version of the necklace for children offers 10 grams of glucose and is roughly 12 inches long. The necklaces can be removed and uncapped to access the gel, which is then taken orally.

The longer model sells for $21.95 and the other costs $18.95. Maynard says sales for the month topped $12,000.

Maynard, a Type 1 diabetic, has attracted attention of potential investors with the product.

“I’m going to meet with one this afternoon (Sept. 10),” he says.

Maynard, a Spokane native and civilian firefighter at Fairchild Air Force Base, says the necklaces are designed to help diabetics recover from episodes of low blood sugar.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says roughly 30 million people in the U.S. are living with diabetes, a condition in which the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t properly use the hormone that turns food into energy.

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