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HUB Sports Center envisions $24 million expansion

Liberty Lake-based HUB Sports Center is planning a $24 million facilities expansion, says Phil ...


What’s happening with former Spokane Mayor John Powers

Former Spokane Mayor John Powers says he’s happy to be reacclimating to the Lilac City following a...

Fairchild Air Force Base aims to grow its externship program

Fairchild Air Force Base is continuing its externships program with a second cohort next month....

$25 million Trent Bridge replacement nears completion

The new East Trent Avenue Bridge, which spans the Spokane River near Gonzaga University, is slated ...

City to put $9.9 million toward pedestrian-related projects

The city of Spokane is planning about $9.9 million in sidewalk and traffic-calming projects throughout the city this year, says Marlene Feist, Spokane’s director of public works. Seven sidewalk projects are valued at $6.3 million and about a dozen...


Visions 2023: Civil discourse rejects fear, embraces tough love

We’ve all heard the story about the frog in a pot of water. Drop a frog in boiling water, and it will jump out. Drop a frog in tepid water that slowly boils, and it won’t realize the danger until it’s too late. When it comes to civil discourse in ...


Visions 2023: Multifaceted approach to guide economic development

A vibrant community requires a vibrant economy. Economic development gives the community a say in how the economy grows. What does the future of economic development hold for the Spokane region? We don’t have a crystal ball, but what we can do is ...


Public works to outpace private projects in Spokane

Strong demand continues for commercial construction in the private sector, although private development is expected to slow in the new year due to ongoing labor issues and high materials prices. In 2023, public works projects likely will carry the bulk of...


Central Washington pay rates rile Spokane-area contractors

Prevailing wages in some central Washington counties have increased 40% from a year ago for carpenters, and some construction industry professionals here say they’re concerned about the impact of the wage hike on Eastern Washington ...

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