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VK Mathisen Law serves growing refugee community

The immigration landscape in Spokane is larger than it seems, and there really aren’t many immigration lawyers here, says Vanessa K. Mathisen, owner of VK Mathisen Law PLLC. A common misconception is there isn’t diversity in Spokane, she says. ...


Washington state, Russia share commerce history, uncertain future

Watching Russia in an aggressor role in its unprovoked war on Ukraine likely has brought a mix of sadness and regret for those who recall the time in 1994 that Boris Yeltsin, first president of the Russian Federation, stood before a Seattle luncheon ...


City of Cheney ponders uses for land following acquisition

Potential uses for 228 acres of land acquired last year by the city of Cheney include buffering some city operations from potential conflicting uses and moving some operations from leased land, says Mark Schuler, Cheney city administrator. ...


Plan B Forensics seeks answers in death cases

Dr. Suzan Marshall says she didn't expect death to become her work. In fact, she had spent years working as a surgeon, trying to save the living. Now, she applies both her medical background and her personal experience with traumatic death to her work as...

The Journal’s View: Lawmakers muffed opportunity to provide broad tax relief

The recently completed legislative session will be remembered for missed opportunities for tax relief that could have benefited businesses and working families. While the supplemental budget approved during the 2022 legislative session contains no across...

Guest Commentary: Forest health practices should include logging, planting

Washington’s Board of Natural Resources is considering banning timber harvesting on state lands. That is extremely unwise. Instead, the board must ensure its healthy forest policies incorporate all management tools, including planting, thinning, and ...


North Spokane Corridor rises along Greene Street

Recent progress on the North Spokane Corridor has been conspicuous as sections are completed along North Market Street and near the Spokane Community College campus. Washington state Department of Transportation design project engineer Bob Hilmes says ...


Spokane International Airport expansion takes off

Spokane International Airport plans to move forward this year with its Terminal Remodeling & Expansion Project, known as TREX. STA filed a pre-development application for the project with the city of Spokane in early December 2021. ...


Spokane plans nearly $100M in work

The city of Spokane has street work valued at nearly $100 million planned for this year, says Marlene Feist, Spokane’s public works director. The work includes $80 million in new public works projects and $20 million in work carried over from last ...


STA’s City Line completion pushed back

The first phase of Spokane Transit Authority’s $92.2 million City Line project is scheduled to be finished this year, and the rapid-transit bus line is expected to be up and running in July 2023. Brandon Rapez-Betty, chief operations officer at STA,...

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