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Hollister-Stier to make extracts for Florida firm

Spokane company signs agreement that will boost its output by 20 percent

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Spokane allergy-products maker Hollister-Stier Laboratories LLC has signed an agreement to supply allergenic extracts to Aero Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Pompano Beach, Fla., that is expected to boost production at the Spokane plant by 20 percent, says Bill Bauernschmidt, Hollister-Stiers vice president of business development.

Starting Jan. 1, Hollister-Stier will manufacture the extracts, which are used both to test for and treat allergies, for Aero under a renewable, one-year agreement, he says. He declines to disclose other terms of the agreement.

The new business will help Hollister-Stier fill part of the manufacturing capacity available at its northeast Spokane plant, Bauernschmidt says. The additional work will fit into the plants regular production schedule.

The Aero agreement also will put Hollister-Stiers products into the hands of additional doctors who previously have relied on products from other allergenic-extract makers, he says.

Under the agreement, Hollister-Stier will supply its full line of extracts, which are used to combat allergies to wasp and bee venom, plant pollens, molds, dust, and animals. The product labels will list Hollister-Stier as the manufacturer and Aero as the distributor. Aero hasnt supplied its customers with venom products previously, Bauernschmidt says.

Aero was founded recently by former executives of Center Pharmaceuticals Inc. when that companys allergenic-extract manufacturing plant in Port Washington, N.Y., was bought by a competitor that planned to use the plant to make veterinary supplies, Bauernschmidt says.

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