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Medcurity plans to add staff, move

Seattle firm invests $200K in medical records tech firm

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Medcurity Inc., the Spokane-based medical records tech company, has secured $200,000 in funding from a West Side investment firm.

WRF Capital, the investment arm for Seattle-based nonprofit Washington Research Foundation, made the investment last month, according to Amanda Hepper, Medcurity co-founder.

“We’re incredibly grateful for WRF’s confidence in us and our ability to grow,” says Hepper. “They’re an incredible organization to work with.”

Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates Jr., was one of three foundation founders to establish the organization in 1981.

The foundation and WRF Capital back research and early-stage companies, with a focus on life sciences and enabling technologies, says the organization’s website.

Founded in 2018 by Hepper and Joe Gellatly in 2018, Medcurity developed a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant platform for health care organizations, enabling them to store patient data more easily and safely.

Medcurity plans to use the funding to add staff as the company prepares to move from its current location in downtown Spokane.

Before the arrival of COVID-19 forced employees to work from home, Hepper, Gellatly, and a half-dozen employees shared a 900-square-foot office in the Empire State Building, at 905 W. Riverside, downtown.

In June, the company plans to move to about 2,000 square feet of space in the Garden Court office building at 222 W. Mission, in the Emerson Garfield neighborhood north of downtown.

The company recently hired a pair of interns for the summer months and is looking to fill three to four positions, which will include sales representatives and a chief information security officer, she says.

“This is a pretty exciting time for us,” she says. “Many organizations are looking into strengthening security and privacy.”

While business has slowed in recent weeks, a function of the fact Medcurity’s customers have experienced diminished operations, Hepper says the company has taken this time to cultivate new relationships in the area’s medical community.

Hepper says the company recently entered a memorandum of understanding with a “large insurance carrier” to provide service. She declines to identify the company.

Not only is Medcurity taking time to secure business leads, Hepper says the company also is providing tech support to other Spokane-area organizations that have had to reduce staff.

“We’ve been able to assist them in continuity planning as they attempt to move forward during this time,” she says, adding, “Being a small startup, we’re flexible and can pivot pretty quickly.”

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