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Linn   Parish
Linn Parish Editor Phone: 509.344.1265
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About Linn

Editor Linn Parish has worked for the Journal of Business for a total of 15-plus years, dating back to 1998. A outdoors enthusiast and self-described sports geek, Linn has worked as a professional writer/editor for more than 20 years.

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LeAnn  Bjerken
LeAnn Bjerken Reporter Phone: 509.344.1267
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About LeAnn

Reporter LeAnn Bjerken is the most recent addition to the Journal's news team. A poet, cat lover and antique enthusiast, LeAnn is also an Eastern Washington University alum.

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Mike  McLean
Mike McLean Deputy Editor Phone: 509.344.1266
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About Mike

Reporter Mike McLean covers real estate and construction at the Journal of Business. A multipurpose fisherman and vintage record album aficionado, Mike has worked for the Journal since 2006.

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Natasha  Nellis
Natasha Nellis Research Coordinator Phone: 509-344-1263
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About Natasha

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Samantha  Peone
Samantha Peone Reporter Phone: 509.344.1260
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About Samantha

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Virginia  Thomas
Virginia Thomas Reporter Phone: 509-344-1264
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About Virginia

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