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SCSO emergency vehicle training course planned

Construction of an emergency vehicle operations course is expected to begin in a few months at 13207 W. State Route 902, on the West Plains, says Bruce Russell, design and construction manager for the Spokane County Facilities Department....

Fire Station coming to east side of Lake Coeur d’Alene

East Side Fire District is planning a new $1 million fire station to accommodate a growing population on the east side of Lake Coeur d’Alene, says East Side Fire Chief Jerry Lynn. The new building, to be located at 20436 S. State Route 97, will be...


Owners can lose land through adverse possession

Your property can be taken from you even though you have ostensibly done nothing wrong. You have paid your bills. You’re current on your taxes, and you have exercised customary precautions in the acquisition and ownership of your property....


Adviser AI: Technology’s role in financial management

As artificial intelligence technology continues to evolve, it’s expected to improve efficiency for financial advisers, allowing them more time to build relationships with their clients, some advisers here say. “In comprehensive wealth management...


Credit union memberships grow in Spokane County

Most credit unions in the Spokane area are reporting growing membership totals year-over-year, and some financial leaders here say they expect to see the trend continue into 2024. Membership has increased for 12 of the 18 credit unions that provided in...


Credit challenges rise; standards don’t necessarily change in tightening environment

Lenders in Spokane say several economic factors have made it increasingly more expensive for borrowers when trying to obtain a loan, including high inflation, high interest rates, and an erosion of COVID-era stimulus funds that allowed many to save, pay...


Withdrawal rules are intricate for inherited IRAs

Inherited-beneficiary individual retirement accounts are typically an emotional topic. Generally, they represent diligent savings from a loved one who has passed away, and you have now inherited an IRA or 401(k) from them since you were named the ...


Adding adult children to accounts can be problematic

You’ve likely heard your friends or family—or even the bank teller, at times—counsel you to add an adult child to your bank account. Perhaps it’s a checking account or a savings account or both. The advice goes something like, “If you want ...


Breast exam volume to increase due to new law

An increase in demand for breast imaging examinations is expected in the new year due to a new Washington state law that will eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for patients who require medically necessary exams. Breast screening and imaging is a ...


Kinwell Medical Group to staff up in Spokane

Kinwell Medical Group, a physician-owned practice that took over three clinics in Spokane last fall and treats Premera Blue Cross clients exclusively, is focused on staffing up the clinics, says Dr. Sarah Crow, regional medical director for Eastern...

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