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Total deposits decline at some INW financial institutions

Post-pandemic changes in consumer spending habits and the use of nontraditional banking options may be to blame for a decline in deposits at some financial institutions, industry leaders here say. “We have seen a decline in deposits and a gain in...


Coastal Connection: Spokane team builds virtual world for Coastal Community

Led by a three-person team in Spokane, Coastal Community Bank has launched a virtual 3D platform, dubbed Coastal World, that is poised to expand accessibility to underbanked communities, and add revenue and customers for the Everett, Washington-based ...


Reluctant investors could be at risk of long-term regret

The market has rallied over 25% since last October. The S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Nasdaq composite have been trading around new 52-week highs. In theory, this means we’ve entered a new bull market. However, many people simply don’t...


JPMorgan Chase plans to grow in Spokane, Jamie Dimon says

As Spokane grows, JPMorgan Chase & Co., plans to grow with it, according to Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., and one of the leading voices for the financial industry. Dimon arrived in downtown Spokane last month to kick off his...


Loans can be simpler financing option than equity investment

Securing a source of capital for a new or existing business can be a challenge. Consider a common scenario: Diana has a promising idea for a new business and possesses the necessary experience and expertise to make it successful. She starts a business ...


Economic data tells more of story than credit downgrade

While we’ve been expecting an uptick in volatility in the back half of the year, we didn’t expect the spark to be a lowering of the U.S. credit rating as occurred earlier this month, when Fitch Ratings lowered it from AAA to AA+....


Try to reimagine retirement, embrace next life stage

Retirement has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. Gone are the days when retirement was synonymous with withdrawal from the workforce for a life of leisure. Today, retirement represents an opportunity for individuals to leverage their...


Investment policy statement acts as guide for nonprofits

The Inland Northwest has a vibrant philanthropic community that includes numerous home-grown nonprofits as well as chapters of national organizations. A great example of the area’s generous nature is Innovia Foundation’s management of over 800...


Long-term care insurance market stabilizes as WA Cares gears up

Payroll deductions for the Long-Term Services and Supports Trust Act, also known as the WA Cares Fund, began July 1, but the private long-term care insurance market has been largely unaffected, some in the industry here say....


Outgoing Tide: Employee recruitment, retention urged in silver tsunami era

As many older workers are turning 65 and considering or entering retirement, employers are experiencing labor shortages that could impede production growth, increase inflation, incentivize automation, and hurt social services that are funded through ...

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