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Older investors outnumber young with financial plans

Paul Viren, owner of the financial investing firm Viren & Associates Inc., in downtown Spokane, says two-thirds of his nearly 600 clients are Baby Boomers. The average age among all his firm’s clients is 56....


Redirecting gifts can make donors feel betrayed

Americans love donating to charities. Charitable giving continues to grow in popularity as online donation platforms make it easier than ever to give. In 2019, over $500 million was donated online in the U.S. on Giving Tuesday,...


Foundation connections can leverage contributions

How will you ensure your legacy leaves this community a better place? The legacy that each of us leaves isn’t entirely preplanned but written in part through our daily acts of kindness, hard work, and generosity....


Prioritizing can make multiple savings goals attainable

The sounds of coins clanking into a piggy bank are etched indelibly into our collective consciousness. Putting those pennies, nickels, and dimes into a ceramic sculpture felt good when we were 5 or 6 years old....


David Condon to lead effort to strengthen Premera’s position here

Before his second term as mayor of Spokane ended last year, David Condon did something he hadn’t in years – compiled his work history. “I hadn’t done a resume in 15 years,” says Condon, whose first day at work with Premera Blue Cross...


St. Luke’s Debuts robotic fall-prevention therapy

Physical therapist Jaime Hopoi goes into a trust fall. She’s on a trajectory to hit the ground face-first, but the robotic system to which her harness is attached stops her and supports her weight while she regains her balance. ...


Bio Clock, Radiation damage linked in WSU study

Washington State University researchers are studying long-term side effects of radiation therapy in some cancer patients that can lead to heart disease and eventually heart failure. ...


Lincoln County hospital district plans medical office building

The Lincoln County Public Hospital District #3 board has approved moving forward with construction of a new, 30,000-square-foot medical office building and primary-care clinic in Davenport, Washington, about 40 miles west of Spokane. Construction is ...

WSU researchers say nanotechnology may fight inflammatory diseases

WSU – A study led by researchers at Washington State University has uncovered a potential new treatment approach for diseases associated with inflammation, including sepsis, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, acute lung injury, and atherosclerosis. ...


SECURE Act takes down the stretch

The new federal SECURE Act makes it harder to sock away generational wealth on a tax-deferred basis, which creates the need to plan more carefully when giving or receiving an inheritance. ...

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