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Low home inventory doesn’t dissuade new Realtors

Spokane real estate agent Mary Stanton worked part-time in real estate for decades before deciding late last year to make it her full-time profession. Despite the arrival of COVID-19, the 51-year-old Stanton says she’s busier in real estate now ...


Copper Creek Landscaping to expand in Hillyard

The owner of a Spokane-based landscaping company located in the Hillyard neighborhood has his sights set on expanding his current office and constructing a new 18,000-square-foot light-industrial incubator starting the middle of the year....


New residents are just one factor in rise in Spokane home values

Ever thought it’s those out-of-towners who have driven up housing prices here recently? You probably aren’t alone. After all, the median house price for resale has climbed from approximately $284,000 to $330,000 over the past four quarters. ...

Work on North Idaho veterans home to resume in spring

The Idaho Division of Veterans Services says it will resume construction in the spring on a 64-room veterans home in Post Falls on a 7-plus-acre parcel of donated land. Veterans Services broke ground and began site work in the final quarter of 2020...


2021 could usher in economic reset

While our previous decade-long ascending economy took an abrupt nosedive in 2020, prognosticators among many economic sectors are looking up for 2021. The extent of their optimism, however, hinges on the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, or congressional...


Construction activity likely to be strong in 2021

The 2020 construction season got off to a slow start because of pandemic-induced restrictions. Overall, though, industry observers here say the season finished better than expected, and 2021 is expected to even better. About $30 million in public work ...


Health care system to continue to be challenged

While Washington state officials say the first COVID-19 vaccinations will be available to select groups of residents this month, local health care officials say there will continue to be areas of uncertainty heading into next year. ...


Wood products pricing volatility likely to persist

A year marked by high demand, supply constraints, and mercurial commodities pricing likely will lead to continued volatility for at least the first half of 2021, some wood products industry observers say. Joel White, executive officer of the Spokane Home...


Gains expected in much of Inland Northwest

Real estate in Spokane stayed surprisingly strong in most sectors through the pandemic, say industry observers here, with home sales and commercial real estate investment, particularly in industrial space, seeing strong growth. Rob Higgins, executive ...


Full job recovery is possible in 2021, Spokane economists say

If a few positive steps are taken in 2021, the Inland Northwest could regain all of the jobs it lost this year, Spokane-area economists say. Such a recovery might not be V-shaped, but it would be a dramatic comeback, as Avista chief economist Grant ...

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