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CarbonQuest takes its technology to NYC

CarbonQuest Inc., a clean tech company headquartered in the Spokane Valley, has launched its first fully operational onsite system, named Building Carbon Capture System, in New York City. The company’s technology is designed to capture, separate...


Single-use serviceware law flusters restaurants

Restaurant owners here say they’re struggling to adapt to a state law that regulates how single-use food serviceware is provided to customers. Chris Siemens, vice president of Mustard Seed Management Co. Inc., says retraining employees not to include...


Ag Energy acquired by Pullman-based NuPhy

Ag Energy Solutions Inc., a Spokane-based agricultural renewable technology company, has been acquired by Pullman, Washington-based plant and tree fruit producer NuPhy Inc....


Hispanic Business Professional Association steps up in pandemic

Oscar Escamilla, who co-owns Tacos el Sol restaurant with his wife, Irma Zuniga, says he considered closing the restaurant at 3422 N. Division, in Spokane, during the first month of the pandemic in 2020, as he put his staff of three on leave....


Diversity takes back seat to solving trucker shortages

Across the country, alarms are sounding the need for more truck drivers as the pandemic has created an increased demand for shipping. Although some trucking industry associations have decided to include diversity as a recruitment and retention strategy, ...


City of Spokane formalizes civil rights efforts

The city of Spokane will address citizen and employee civil rights concerns, as well as issues of equity and inclusion, through advocacy, education, and policy reform. The Spokane City Council voted unanimously to establish the Office of Civil Rights...


Concerns about inflation are, well, inflated, advisers say

As inflation becomes a growing concern for the U.S. economy, some wealth management advisers here say it shouldn’t be a threat for most investors. In October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said the consumer price index for all consumers increased...


Many boomers expect to carry debt into retirement, observers say

A large share—46%—of American consumers say they expect to retire in debt, according to a recent survey by MoneyMagnify, a subsidiary of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Lending Tree, and some financial advisers here say that expectation isn’t ...


D.A. Davidson promotes wealth management for all

Wealth management isn’t just for the wealthy, says Michael Jackson, senior vice president and Spokane-Coeur d’Alene branch manager at D.A. Davidson & Co. Jackson says he encourages anybody interested in their financial future and well-being to ...


Climate-conscious consumption, investment urged

When a private wealth planner and a climate scientist converse, you might think the conversation between the two women would devolve into a debate about money versus nature. With us—Sarah Carlson and Jackie Francis—that isn’t the case. ...

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