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According to Plans: Spokane Regional Plan Center reports rise in demand

The Spokane Regional Plan Center has been providing access to commercial construction project documents to members for nearly 80 years, and the nonprofit membership organization’s leaders say its services are in higher demand than ever. ...


Avista engineers grid updates in downtown Spokane

With an ever-increasing customer demand for electricity, Spokane-based Avista Corp. is updating and modernizing the electrical grid that powers the city, says Heather Rosentrater, of Avista. Rostentrater is senior vice president of energy delivery and ...


New Joya facility custom designed to fit mission

For more than 60 years, Joya Child & Family Development adapted to its spaces, including a church basement and an old, surplus school building. But Joya now has a custom-designed facility that accommodates specific needs of children and families it ...


Avian flu exacerbates rising poultry, egg prices

Consumers can expect their chicken wings and egg salad to cost a little more this summer, due to an outbreak of avian influenza, local industry experts say....


Mushroom farming grows in the Inland Northwest

Josh Yake, founder and owner of Gourmet Foragables & More, of Spokane, says he remembers when he was the only mushroom vendor at Inland Northwest farmers markets. ...


Vinegar Flats Farm adopts no-tilling technique

On a 40-acre parcel of land tucked along the west side of Latah Creek where sounds of flowing water and chirping birds create a calm atmosphere in the historical farming neighborhood, Vinegar Flats Farm is in the middle of an important transition. ...


Health care employment shows signs of stabilizing

Employment in the health care industry is in a time of transition, industry executives say, and stability is unlikely to occur for a few years to come....


A trend of interest: Businesses, lender confront rising rates for first time in years

Federal interest rates are expected to rise continually, and inflation pressure could ease slightly, resulting in more expensive loans for borrowers who have less money to spend because of the current high costs of goods and services. The Federal Open ...


Spokane’s event, tourism year to be its busiest ever

Pent-up demand for conventions, sports, entertainment, and travel over the past few years has led to a jam-packed season of events in the second half of 2022, says Stephanie Curran, CEO, Spokane Public Facilities District. “We’re definitely the ...

Economy forecasted to bend, not break, this year

For the first time in more than two decades, the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined for eight consecutive weeks into late May, the longest since 1932. Similarly, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ dropped for seven straight weeks — the first time since 2011 ...

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