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Wealth managers help clients reach financial goals

Four types of wealth are equally important to our overall well-being. They include financial, social, physical, and time. I want to address the financial portion, as that can affect all of them. In general, wealth management coordinates all the moving ...


Succession by design at MMEC Architecture

MMEC Architecture & Interiors LLC’s three remaining founding partners retired in July, marking the end of an era at the Spokane-based firm. Doug Mitchell, Marian Evenson, and Craig Conrad—who make up the second M, the E, and the C in MMEC—founded...


Re*Imagine Medical Lake steps in for wildfire victims

In the aftermath of the Gray Fire that destroyed 240 homes in and around Medical Lake over the summer, Re*Imagine Medical Lake has partnered with the city, churches, businesses, and other nonprofits to coordinate resources available for the victims, says ...


Dollars up, donors down at INW universities

Despite a record-breaking year for donations at some Spokane-area universities, many higher education institutions are facing a decline in donor numbers—a worrying trend for the continued sustainability of major gifts, some university leaders here say....


Women & Children’s Free Restaurant surpasses 1M meals a year

Women & Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen provides about 10 times more meals now than it did prior to the pandemic, and that isn’t expected to change anytime soon. “Our meal count went up from about 100,000 a year to over a million...


Private donors help fill health care revenue gap

Most nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of their neighbors to fulfill their mission, and health care is no different. Private donations help fill the gap between revenue and the rest of the operating budget....


Giving appreciated stock can have tax benefits

Giving appreciated stock in a company might be the right path for a business owner who is looking toward selling interest in a business with an inclination toward charitable giving and a desire to save money on taxes. For an explanation based on an...


Demand for RVs declines in INW

Growing fuel costs and rising interest rates have been slowing consumer demand for recreational vehicles and limiting sales this year, says Tony Strand, co-owner of Airway Heights RV. “It seems like the number one roadblock to people wanting to ...


Hot Rod Company to expand to $3M Valley facility

The West Coast Performance Co., a Spokane Valley-based builder of custom high-performance engines, has been growing in revenue by 40% annually for the past five years, says JR and Katie Roby, the company’s co-founders and owners. ...


Surf’s Up: Internet car shopping remains prevalent post-COVID

When COVID-19-related shutdowns and restrictions hit the automotive industry in 2020, dealerships were forced to transition to more of a web-oriented sales strategy. With the pandemic now in the rearview mirror, some in the industry here say the recent...

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