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Kvinna breast imaging clinic to launch

A clinic opening next month in Liberty Lake offers a type of breast cancer detection using ultrasound technology that has been approved as an adjunct to traditional mammography. ...


Alcohol use rises among women during pandemic

A recent report revealing a sharp increase in women’s consumption of alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic comes as no surprise to Colonial Clinic co-owner Huston Stolz....


Pandemic increases reproductive-care barriers

Contraception access has decreased during the pandemic, with nearly a third of women canceling or delaying doctors’ visits, according to a recent study, which has led state and local medical professionals to find new ways to ensure access, say ...

Extra credit for helping nonprofits is coming

As 2020 continues its arduous march to an end, Inland Northwest financial advisers, tax preparers, and heads of nonprofits are reminding clients and benefactors about a charitable giving tax benefit included in the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, ...


Bill would expand incentives for retirement savings

Proposed federal legislation some are calling SECURE Act 2.0 likely would encourage saving for retirement by expanding on legislation passed in 2019, local financial consultants and planners say. ...


Five Pine Wealth Management sees triple-digit growth

Coeur d’Alene-based Five Pine Wealth Management has seen strong growth over the last year, having more than doubled its annual revenue this year compared with 2019....

Investing in self can provide strong returns

We’ve all heard stories about get-rich-quick schemes, and most times, it’s just that—a scheme. Schemes of this nature usually create an impression that participants can achieve a high rate of return with little risk, skill, effort, or time....


Business owners should heed priorities next year

With a year of economic disruption and upheaval almost in the books, it’s clear Spokane businesses already have done much to adjust to the pandemic and plan for the future. Yet staying competitive in the year ahead will require continued vigilance...


Flexibility is key to school design in current environment

Those involved in overseeing projects and creating designs for school buildings say adaptability and a focus on infrastructure such as ventilation are essential as more students return to in-person classes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic....


Hanson Carlen ignited with work deep into next year

A look of disbelief ran across David Hanson’s face as he pondered the backlog of work orders that started early this year and now extends deep into next year for his architecture and construction company. As the last remaining principal of Hanson Carle...

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