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Wind energy loses some of its breezy allure

While the flurry of wind farm creation that occurred across the Pacific Northwest for the better part of the last decade has subsided, proponents of wind energy say it’s still important for utility companies and other energy experts to keep finding ways...


New Avista program helps small businesses conserve

Spokane-based Avista Corp. reports that its small-business program, having already saved enough energy in its first six months to power 100 homes for one year, is well on its way toward a much larger conservation goal that will help its entire service com...


Working out niches

Among the popular fitness trends in recent years—including in the Spokane area—is a growing number of personalized fitness studios, or boutique gym settings. ...


Using ‘language of music’ as therapeutic tool

Kim McMillin describes music as her language, one she has helped others become fluent in through her business, The Center for Music Therapy. ...


St. Luke’s increases role of Pilates in its rehab regimens

St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, at 711 S. Cowley, has incorporated more Pilates-related training into rehabilitation regimens for patients in recent years. ...


Star Financial’s widening range

Melissa Williams, owner of Star Financial & Insurance Services Inc., says getting people to talk about money is a difficult and often emotional process. “Finances are very personal and stir up all kinds of emotions,” says Williams. “That’s why ...


Federal budget quietly cuts Social Security provision

The new federal budget contains a cut to Social Security benefits that could limit options for baby boomers close to retirement—and everybody who follows them. Hidden in the budget bill is a change to Social Security that eliminates file-and-suspend ru...

People’s time orientation can affect their fiscal decisions

When was the last time you went to the store and bought only the items on your list—no gum, no extra accessories, no new movies? Have you thought about how much money you have saved for retirement, or a rainy day? Would you rather live in the moment or ...

Stick with long-term investment strategy in 2016

It’s the time of year again here in investment land where you’re trying to make sense of the year just passed while also trying to determine how to be successful in the year ahead. The year 2015 had an unusually long period of the S&P 500 Index tradi...


Cathedral Plaza nurtures senior community in urban spot

The associate director for seniors and housing for Catholic Charities says every low-income apartment complex here owned by that nonprofit organization has greater demand than it can accommodate, which she believes it is a reflection of the continuous nee...

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