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New breast cancer nonprofit emerges in Spokane

Deb Barnes, president and CEO of Every Woman Can, says the newly created nonprofit dedicated to breast cancer awareness soon will start seeking to move the topic of the disease more pointedly into the discussion of health care in general. The new nonpro...

Political parties should find middle ground on reproduction

Whether it be on the congressional floor or around grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner table, mention topics like governmental funding of birth control or reproductive rights of women in a room full of conservatives and progressives, and one is likely to rece...


T-O Engineers aims for strategic growth, balance

Meridian, Idaho-based T-O Engineers Inc. is planning for growth this year, having recently remodeled several office locations, as well as acquiring Boise-based water and wastewater consulting firm Pharmer Engineering. J.R. Norvell is the company’s reg...


Virtual reality in building design

Wearing virtual reality goggles, someone using 3-D technology can step into the middle of a North Pines Middle School common space that doesn’t exist yet. With the same goggle headset, the person with a head tilt or circular movement can get a panorama...


Mechanical engineer finds niche in technical analysis

Andy Johnston, president and principal engineer at Andy Johnston PE, says he’s a different kind of mechanical engineer. Johnston offers mechanical engineering design and analysis, specializing in technical aspects of finite element analysis and computa...


Womer looks to broaden local, nontribal portfolio

Womer & Associates, the Spokane-based, Native American-owned architectural and engineering firm, says it’s on the verge of expanding and expects to soon be adding staff, but still is struggling to restore the balance of tribal and nontribal work it enjo...


NAC Architecture rides record streak of work

For the city’s largest architectural firm, business is on the rise, literally. Visit some of Spokane’s most highly visible construction sites, such as The M downtown, Riverfront Park, and various high schools, universities, and health care facilities...


Parklet structures might become permanent option in Spokane

For the past two years, Spokane residents and visitors alike have enjoyed the use of parklets, small, parking-spot sized, wooden seating and dining areas strategically placed in front of businesses throughout the city. Now, according to one architect he...


Living Water to get greener with new facility

Living Water Lawn & Tree Care, which specializes in environmentally friendly lawn and tree fertilizing, is erecting a new building where it will consolidate its operations with two other affiliates, says Mike Fairburn, who co-owns Living Water with his wi...


Resource Synergy keeps focus on effective recycling

Now in its second year of operations, Spokane-based sustainability consulting business Resource Synergy has established a niche for itself here, helping businesses reduce costs by wasting less and recycling more. Owner and operator Erik Makinson says whi...

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