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School design to be sensitive to youth without shelter

NAC Architecture is designing a school that includes a large percentage of students from families experiencing homelessness. At times, the percentage of students living without permanent shelter can reach 25%, and the total transient rate at the school ...


Donor to match $110K in targeted STEM gifts

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, STEM education has never been a more relevant investment for schools and communities, according to a retired instructor at Rogers High School, in Spokane. The teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, is challenging the Spokane...


Share.Farm shares in delivery craze

Now is Share.Farm’s time to shine, Vince Peak says. The founder and CEO of the 2-year-old online farm-to-consumer market says the COVID-19 pandemic has presented as many opportunities for Share.Farm as it has challenges. ...

Mixed export markets worry Washington's ag producers

Uncertainties in overseas markets due to COVID-19 will almost certainly put a dent in the sales of most Washington commodities abroad. An observer of the state’s grain market thinks wheat exports will remain unchanged this year, while the head of the a...


Duncan Produce pivots after pandemic-related shutdowns

Over four decades ago, John Duncan went from cutting french fries in the basement of a Coeur d’Alene restaurant to opening his own wholesale produce business. As it turns out, innovation runs in the family. In March, Duncan Produce, the company the ...


Building code updates to encourage solar power

Washington state is now encouraging higher adoptions of solar energy systems in homebuilding as part of its drive to eliminate fossil fuel-generated electricity from the grid. ...


AquiPor tackles stormwater challenges

The owners of AquiPor Technologies Inc. claim that after about a decade of research and development, they’ve produced a porous, hardened material with the ability to absorb surface stormwater and alleviate drain flooding in heavily paved urban...


Spokane River Forum to add recyclables to waste directory

Discerning what can and can’t be recycled can be as much of a hassle as trying to figure out where to dispose of nonrecyclables, says Andy Dunau, executive director of the Spokane River Forum. That’s why the nonprofit is expanding its waste directory...


Uncertainty infects Inland Northwest health care industry

The economic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health care sector has been as uneven as a Spokane street in the middle of winter. In hospitals, where it would seem a pandemic would deliver unprecedented job security, just the opposite has happened. ...


Financial sector better positioned for recovery now than during Great Recession

This isn’t the Great Recession for Inland Nortwest bankers. And that’s a good thing, executives here say. While the pandemic has brought a host of challenges, leaders at some banks and credit unions say financial institutions are in a much better...

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