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Longer life span underscores need for financial reassessment

Long-term risk. This refers to the ongoing challenge we always have as investors. It’s not what most folks like to hear, but understanding and accepting that there is no way you can control the markets—or your investments—is ...


Manito Garden focuses on affordable livability

At Manito Garden Apartments, a facility for low-income seniors located at 500 E. 29th, the staff and property managers work together to provide and maintain an affordable place for residents to live. ...


Efficient By Design: Contract Design Associates lands downtown

Spokane-based Contract Design Associates Inc., a 43-year-old commercial furniture dealership, has relocated recently into a 16,000-square-foot space in the former Spokesman-Review production building, at 1 N. Monroe downtown....


Trauma-informed design guides Excelsior project

Spokane-based nonprofit Excelsior Wellness Center LLC has started the first of three phases of renovations at its campus with a focus on integrating trauma-informed design, an emerging concept within architectural design....


Collaboration leads pair to form Spokane design firm

Fifteen months ago, two Spokane women, Aileen Link and Hannah Mackin, launched Mint Interiors Studio LLC to take their interior design careers into their own hands. The opening of their Spokane-based interior design studio, which does business as Mint...


Sustainable Stays: Some INW hoteliers focus on green practices

Hotel companies are pursuing ways to reduce the environmental impacts of their lodging facilities through property upgrades, energy tracking, and flexible environmental policies that are spurred by consumer demand, and financial and energy savings...


Convention bookings expected to rebound by 2025

It’s been three years since COVID turned the tourism and hospitality industry upside down. That’s about 1,100 days of heartbreak, uncertainty, loss, rebuilding, and success. Coming out of the pandemic, we knew it would take three to five years for ...

Commellini Estate aims to enhance al fresco experiences

Commellini Estate Venue & Event Restaurant has a historical past that its owners, relatives of the original founders, say they hope to build on as they plan to increase public events at the wedding and event venue....

Big Table expands hospitality worker outreach

Spokane-based nonprofit Big Table has grown steadily and is opening a fourth location next month. Launched in Spokane in 2009, Big Table was formed to assist workers in the hospitality and restaurant industry with struggles, including housing stability...


Remote Possibilities: INW tech firms recruit workers laid off in other markets

The startup ecosystem here, particularly relating to software and information technology, has benefitted from the emergence of remote and hybrid work, making way for Spokane-based companies to draw on talent from anywhere in the world, some entrepreneurs ...

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