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Northwest Entrepreneurship Competition evolves

New organizers have taken over the annual Northwest Entrepreneur Competition, with a vision for expanding the competition and increasing participation from students outside the Spokane area. ...


Having survived crypto winter, Krambu thrives

A 3-year-old startup based in Dalton Gardens has been making waves in the supercomputing industry, growing so rapidly in its short existence that it has expanded with a new location in northeast Washington. ...


TidyHut looks to stir the pot in portable toilet field

Erik Nelson can’t contain himself when he’s asked to discuss his “passion project.” He’s been hard at work for the last couple of years as he prepares to try to enter a $2 billion industry. Nelson thinks his creation – the TidyHut – has the...


Clean energy jobs become more prevalent in INW

More than half of all jobs in Washington’s energy industry are in clean energy, according to a report released in December by Washington, D.C.-based industry group Environmental Entrepreneurs. ...


Teen leads ReProduce 81 food waste-reduction program

Food has always been a passion for Josh Hechtman, a senior at Lewis and Clark High School, in Spokane. “Growing up, food was a big part of my family and culture,” he says. “Cooking food, eating it, and sharing it with others is a big part ...


Spring offers boost to environmental consulting

Beth Fifield Hodgson says she didn’t plan to start an environmental consulting firm in which most of the staff would be made up of women. It just worked out that way. Fifield Hodgson co-owns Spring Environmental Inc., with her sister...

State, city to upgrade energy codes this year

Builders can expect a new slew of energy-efficiency codes to kick in later this year. As they wait, the next slate of changes is already in the works. ...


WSU researcher studies marijuana use among pregnant women

New research shows the use of cannabis among pregnant women is increasing as both medical and recreational marijuana are legalized in more states. ...


Workplace sexism can be harmful to women’s health

Though notable strides in workplace culture and policy change undoubtedly have improved employment conditions for many women over the last several decades, the impacts of sexism on women are particularly evident in male-dominated fields. ...


MultiCare physician explores new spine surgery technique

After 20 years of chronic back pain, former Stevens County Commissioner Fran Bessermin decided quality of life was more important than the fear of having spinal surgery and elected to undergo a new surgery technique developed last year. ...

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