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Sticker Shock: Steep construction costs likely to persist this year

Contractors here have seen staggering material cost increases over the past year as surging demand and supply chain bottlenecks have pushed prices to record heights, and many predict those issues won’t end this year....


Health care industry starts to rebound from COVID-19

Despite being caught directly in the crosshairs of a global pandemic, local health care officials report the industry is on the financial mend a little more than a year beyond the arrival of COVID-19....


Small business owners regain their confidence

Small business owners in Spokane and across the country are slowly but surely regaining their footing after a uniquely challenging year. In fact, Spokane County’s job market is continuing to recover, with its April 2021 unemployment rate dropping ...

Economy endures its sharpest, shortest recession

The U.S. economy is back in business after enduring its sharpest and shortest recession ever. Zero percent interest rates at the Federal Reserve, multiple government stimulus payments, business subsidies, and generous unemployment benefits all helped...


2021 Women in Leadership: Women drive pandemic-era entrepreneurship in Spokane area

Following a lull early last year in new business starts, entrepreneurship is surging again, with women leading the charge, industry observers here say....


Childcare help is coming, but will it be enough?

A scarcity of child care options that worsened in 2020 has led to legislation that ultimately could increase the number of working women, child care providers here and industry organizations say....


Corporate America is at crossroads to retain women

Though employees everywhere report a host of pandemic-related challenges, women disproportionately are struggling, reporting less optimism about career prospects, decreased mental health, and increased stress and burnout....

Women leaders should assess communication habits

Women leaders bring tremendous strengths, insight, and value to the workplace. But let’s face it, we still confront a number of barriers. As a result of centuries of social and cultural programming, seeds individually planted as early as childhood...


Whitworth network looks to develop mentors

Recognizing a gap in its alumnae network, officials at Whitworth University say the formation of Women’s Leadership Network two years ago has helped fill that space and then some....


Artisans moves office, looks to increase employees

A spike in demand for employment services has led Spokane-based nonprofit Artisans to increase its North Side office space and bring on more staff. Work is underway on the organization’s new 3,000-square-foot location, at 220 W. Francis, where...

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