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Women are urged to take seat at table for change

Spokane area said more welcoming than others

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This female is moving toward change.

Spokane has gone through a lot of change during the pandemic, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the uncertainty, from inflation to global conflict and instability.

For decades, there would be booms and busts in other parts of the country; here in Spokane, we felt insulated from the drama, but not this time. We are changing with many new residents who want what we have enjoyed for decades. We have an incredible opportunity here in the Inland Northwest, and I certainly have benefited from this opportunity.

Being a female entrepreneur and business owner, I have appreciated the opportunity to dial it up or dial it down in growing my business. I have raised my two sets of twins here in Spokane. I know firsthand how excellent our education system is and the variety of extra-curricular activities we have to offer. Spokane is a fantastic place to grow up. And now we have turned into a nice place to move back to, start a new business, raise a family, and make a difference.

I was able to start and build my business here while raising my children in large part because of the people we serve and the opportunity to participate in our dynamic business community.

I appreciate that this is a community that connects and makes contact. I travel quite a bit, and I always appreciate that here in Spokane, I can pass a stranger on the street, and we can lock eyes sharing a smile. That doesn’t seem to happen in most places I travel, but in Spokane, we share a sense of belonging and trust in niceties.

The pandemic has created more demand for what we have, proximity to each other and the outdoors. Our lifestyle is reasonably affordable. We don’t have the pressure to drive a specific car, wear particular clothes, or live in a specific neighborhood, all for status.

As a woman, can you “have it all” here? I think you can, but you need to be clear on what your “all” is. Here in Spokane, you can build something big or keep it simple. Either way, you can find a community that will support you on your journey. This cannot be found without effort; you need to be willing to look for it and make an effort to plug-in.

I have built my wealth management and financial planning firm by creating a unified team and serving our clients one person at a time. The people we serve are kind, coachable, and appreciative. I am blessed to have a fantastic team of like-minded professionals who work hard and want to make a difference in this community. It’s easy to get stuck in the challenges, but a positive mindset matters. Seeing what is going right can sometimes be daunting, but I invite you to look around, right here in our community, for there are so many good things happening and opportunities for you and your family to savor as you walk your life path.

My advice for the next-gen of women who live in this community and want to have the opportunity to shape their lives, family, business, and community they want, is to lean in and ask to help and have a seat at the table of change, Spokane’s change.

Sarah Carlson is a certified financial planner and the owner and founder of Fulcrum Financial Group LLC, of Spokane. She can be reached at 509.747.2075.

Sarah Carlson
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Sarah Carlson is the owner and founder of Fulcrum Financial Group, of Spokane. She can be reached at 509.747.2075.

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