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Lawn Love app comes to Spokane

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San Diego-based startup Lawn Love, an app similar to Uber or Lyft but for professional lawn care services, has launched in Spokane.

Founded in 2014 by Jeremy Yamaguchi, Lawn Love partners with small lawn-care businesses, providing them with scheduling, job routing and payment software that helps owners streamline their operations.

Yamaguchi says, “We reached out to lawn care professionals in the market and gathering customers to test the platform in advance of our official launch and have partnered with just over 40 providers so far.”

The says he created Lawn Love to fill a need in the lawn care industry, which he saw as trailing behind others in incorporating technology.

“I realized the average, small lawn care company was still doing a lot of work offline, and the process of finding and booking a good lawn professional was difficult,” he says. “By partnering with us, these small businesses get software and support to manage their business smoothly and compete on the level of larger corporate lawn care providers.”

Yamaguchi says the company’s platform is powered by satellite imaging software that’s capable of reviewing a property and generating a quote for services in less than two minutes. This enables users to instantly schedule, review and pay for various types of yard work such as mowing, weeding, or gutter cleaning, through the use of the mobile app or website.

 “Traditionally, consumers have had to wait for a lawn care worker to physically come to their property, offer a quote, and schedule the service, meaning it can take weeks to get the job done after initial contact,” he says. “This makes it much easier for homeowners to coordinate the services they want in a timely fashion.”

Yamaguchi says Lawn Love has partnered with over 20,000 independent lawn care contractors and completed more than half a million jobs across 120 cities in the U.S. since its founding.

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Reporter LeAnn Bjerken covers health care at the Journal of Business. A Minnesota native and cat lover, she enjoys beachside vacations and writing poetry. LeAnn has worked for the Journal since 2015.

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