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New company forms to sell high-tech security system

FlySight system allows customers to view their homes, businesses remotely

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The founders of Spokane Valley-based CSK Communications Inc. have started a new company that provides a high-tech security system for homes and businesses.

The company, FlySight LLC, formed last month and is operating out of CSK Communications 1,200-square-foot office at 9019 E. Euclid, says Jim Burke, president and co-owner of both companies. Some of CSK Communications eight employees are working on projects for FlySight, and Burke says he expects to hire more employees for FlySight in the future.

The FlySight security system that the company is marketing includes high-resolution video cameras and a network video recorder for archiving purposes, Burke says. The system, which requires broadband Internet access to operate, is integrated into software that the company can install on customers computer desktops, laptops, and cell phones, so they can view camera feeds in real time and receive alerts about system breaches. In addition, FlySight provides a special mobile phone that can be used to zoom, pan, and tilt the cameras as well as to notify the customer when the alarm sounds, he says.

The system, which can be customized to customers specifications, can detect intrusions, water leaks, power outages, the cause of smoke alarm alerts, and changes in temperature. It also can be wired for sound, Burke says.

The customer monitors the system, so the company doesnt charge security service fees, he says. The company maintains the system remotely and provides upgrades, and its computer technicians can come to a home or business to fix problems. The system and its installation cost upwards of $3,000, plus a fee to replace equipment if it breaks after a warrantee has expired, he says.

CSK Communications, which created the FlySight system, provides telecommunications engineering and consulting services. It previously provided the high-tech security product only to its customers, Burke says. Now, with the formation of FlySight, the product can be sold to other customers as well, he says.

Current users of the system include Riverpoint Pharmacy and Catholic Charities Spokanes St. Annes Children and Family Center and its House of Charity. FlySight is marketing the product to businesses and to builders and residents of high-end homes. One type of business its focusing on is day-care centers, since the system can give parents a way to monitor their children remotely, he says.

Burke asserts that the system can save customers time and moneycompared with other security systemsbecause they control it and can view the site remotely when they receive alerts to make sure the security threat is legitimate. Many cities charge fines when police respond to false alarms.

The customer becomes the alarm filter, Burke says.

CSK Communications launched about six years ago, he says. About a year ago, it moved to its current quarters from incubator space at Sirti.

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