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Outside the line: Development potential along the planned City Line route

Public investment often attracts private development, and real estate professionals here hope the planned $92.2 million City Line bus route is no exception. ...


New vision is in works for downtown Spokane

Parking structures replace surface parking lots in the city’s core. A cultural trail through ...


Northwest Entrepreneurship Competition evolves

New organizers have taken over the annual Northwest Entrepreneur Competition, with a vision ...


Parting Thoughts with Joyce Cameron of Providence Health Foundation

Peering out from behind her signature, fashionably bold glasses, Joyce Cameron is quick to laugh. ...


Having survived crypto winter, Krambu thrives

A 3-year-old startup based in Dalton Gardens has been making waves in the supercomputing industry...


SECURE Act takes down the stretch

The new federal SECURE Act makes it harder to sock away generational wealth on a tax-deferred basis, which creates the need to plan more carefully when giving or receiving an inheritance. ...


Study: Women face higher retirement hurdles

A lack of preparedness early in life is placing women — particularly married women — at a higher risk of falling short in retirement, says a new study by the Boston College Center for Retirement Research. ...


Angel alliance launches fourth fund

A group of investors has pooled their resources to help launch regional startups through Kick-Start IV, the fourth such angel investment fund composed of Spokane investors. ...


TidyHut looks to stir the pot in portable toilet field

Erik Nelson can’t contain himself when he’s asked to discuss his “passion project.” He’s been hard at work for the last couple of years as he prepares to try to enter a $2 billion industry. Nelson thinks his creation – the TidyHut – has the...


Change in direction at Fairwinds follows trend

With its own liquor license and a full bar for residents and their family members in the evenings, the Fairwinds-Spokane retirement home is adjusting to the changing lifestyle of senior living. ...

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